Current Faculties


Ser Rank Name Email Address
Head of the Department
 1 Brigadier General A K M Nazrul Islam, PhD
Senior Instructor 
2 Air Commodore Mohammed Hossam-E- Haider, PhD, BAF
3 Colonel Md Golam Mostafa
4 Captain M S A A F Shiblee, (L), BN
5 Colonel Molla Md. Zubaer, te
6 Colonel Md Rosaidul Mawla, psc,
7 Group Captain Md Abdul Halim, psc, BAF
Instructor Class A
8 Commander K M Tanveer Anwar, (L), BN
9 Lt Colonel Mustafizur Rahman, psc, Sigs
10 Lt Colonel Md. Tawfiq Amin, PhD, EME
Instructor Class B
12 Major Md. Ali Azam Khan, EME
13 Major Shah Mohazzem Hossain, Sigs
14 Asst Prof Md Ahsan Kabir
15 Asst Prof Md. Shoyaeb Hasan
Instructor Class C
16 Captain Marzuka Ahmed Jumana, Sigs
17 Captain Tasmia Hasan Saika, Sigs
18 Captain Fariha Tabassum, Sigs
Adjunct Faculty Members
19 Lecturer Twisha Titirsha
20 Lecturer Sunjida Sultana
21 Lecturer Farin Rahman
22 Lecturer Shamiul Alam
23 Lecturer Md. Mahadi Hasan
24 Lecturer Mohammad Asif Inba Mustafa
25 Lecturer Muhammad Ridwanul Hoque
26 Lecturer Kazi Afsara Taher
27 Lecturer Maruf Mahdi
28 Lecturer Hadeeka Tuz Zahra  
29 Lecturer Tahmid Kaisar
30 Lecturer Roknuzzaman  
31 Lecturer Nazmul Amin
32 Lecturer Anika Tasnim Primula
33 RA A.A.M Shadman
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