Short Course on AutoCAD

This course is organized by the Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering department of Military Institute of Science and Technology from 18 March 2017 to 23 March 2016.

Contact Hour: Total contact hour of course is 30 hours.

Course Description:

This course is designed primarily for the students in electrical/electronic engineering disciplines. However, it also meets the need of students in other fields as AutoCAD is an essential software for people from various backgrounds. Topics to be covered include page and dimension setup, drawing a plan., elevation, section, electrical Legend draw, electrical Wiring, single line diagram (SLD), fire Alarm & hydrant System, LPS & lighting arrestor, load calculations, print, pdf, Jpeg file making. Finally participants required to submit a small project based on the ideas taught during the project.


· Use AutoCAD for daily working process.

· Navigate throughout AutoCAD using major navigating tools

· Understand the concept and techniques to draw.

· Create multiple designs using several of tools.

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