This course was organized by the Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering department of Military Institute of Science and Technology from 21 December 2016 to 17 January 2017. At the closing ceremony of the course, a Project Competition among the participants was held and Honorable Vice Chancellor of BUET was The chief Guest of the program.

Contact Hour: Total contact hour of course is 60 hours.

Course Description:

This course is designed  for the students of EECE, CSE, ME, NSE, IPE department. But the course outline is structured in such a way that anyone with a basic background can get benefited by this course.Participants in this course will get the fundamental understanding and skills needed to construct and program a microcontroller. During the hands-on session, participants are given opportunities to build and program their own circuits from scratch, sharpen their programming skill in Assembly and C languages while unleashing their creativity in developing variety of programs. Elementary to intermediate projects such as motor control, automated lighting are introduced. Participants are also guided in datasheet interpretation, circuit troubleshooting and components selection.


  • To learn about the microcontroller and Arduino boards using a hands-on approach
  • To construct basic circuit and program the microcontroller in Assembly and C language
  • To provide participants with the knowledge to construct their own embedded system in the future.
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