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Automatic Sanitizer Spraying Station Project

Automatic Sanitizer Spraying Station Project


During the COVID-19 outbreak, sanitizer is being used frequently. Maintaining sanitization in public institutions like schools, colleges, mosques, offices, etc., is a complicated task. The personnel designated to ensure sanitization can be subject to exhaustion; and eventually, the entry becomes an insecure point of entry. In this project, an automatic hand sanitizer spraying station has been developed to ensure the best use of sanitizer for a large number of people at the entry points.


The objective of this project was to design an Automatic Sanitizer Spraying Station. The following specific aims were to be fulfilled:

  1. To design a Spraying Station powered by rechargeable battery power.
  2. To dispense a small amount of sanitizer, each sensor triggers.
  3. To design a control system for automatic operation with necessary acknowledgments.

Project Description:

The Automatic Sanitizer Spraying Station project aims to develop a liquid spraying machine for students affordably. The station can automatically detect human hands (obstacles) and dispense the selected amount of liquid. The station is overload-protected to prevent excess liquid from being dispensed. Hence, it offers the added opportunity of ensuring precise and comfortable distribution of sanitizer.