About Us

Our Vision

To be a center of excellence for providing quality education in the field of science, engineering and technology and conduct research to meet the national and global challenges.

MIST Mission
MIST Mission


Provide comprehensive education and conduct research in diverse disciplines of science, engineering, technology, and engineering management.

Produce technologically advanced intellectual leaders and professionals with high moral and ethical values to meet the socio-economic development of Bangladesh and global needs.

Conduct collaborative research activities with national and international communities for continuous interaction with academia and industry.

Provide consultancy, advisory, testing, and other related services to government, non-government and autonomous organization including personal for widening practical knowledge and to contribute in sustainable development of the society.


Our Values


MIST not only makes our students graduates but also strives to make them humane.


Discipline remains the corner stone of continuous success stories of MIST.


Morality is innate. MIST helps nurture it and develops our students as Quality Engineers with Morality.


MIST keeps focusing on quality education with inspiration to life-long learning so that our graduates are recognized in the world and can prove their acquired skills.

MIST Mission

Key Facts

  • Established on 19 April 1998 by Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
  • Academic journey started with 40 military officers in 1999 and with civil students in 2003.
  • Now MIST has more than 85% civil students.
  • Around 2500 UG students, 600 PG students and 350 faculty members.
  • 12 Engineering Departments under 4 Faculties.
  • 110 PhD faculty members and 20 pursuing PhD.
  • Student Faculty ratio - 8:1.
  • 4610 students already graduated.
  • Regular academic curriculum and graduation within 4 years at UG level.
  • Outcome Based Education (OBE) system.
  • Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE), Bangladesh accredited Engineering programs.
  • MIST has peer reviewed online open access international journal.
  • 96 quality Engineering labs for applied knowledge and research.
  • Allocation of maximum budget / fund for research project and thesis.
  • Academic affiliation with many universities of the world.
  • Collaboration with many industries at home.
  • MIST gladly accepts international students from near and far countries.
  • Providing consultancy and testing services to many national development projects.

Following Engineering Programs are currently offered in MIST

  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering
  • Industrial Production and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • Environmental, Water Resources & Coastal Engineering
  • Nuclear Science & Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Petroleum and Mining Engineering

Briefly, the salient features of MIST are:

  • Rigorous admission and selection process for best possible screening interactive sessions in the classroom.
  • Regular guest lectures and educational visits.
  • Culture of timeliness, commitment and uninterrupted curriculum.
  • Flexibility in choosing competent faculties through outsourcing.
  • Well thought-out and continuous feedback and assessment system.
  • Effective teaching through innovative method.
  • Industrial attachment for on job training.
  • Emphasis on code of conduct and dress code.
  • Focus to develop students as good human with all possible attributes of successful leader.
  • Tranquil, pollution free and secure campus life.


Council of MIST

Hon’ble Minister, Ministry of Education - Chairman
Chief of Army Staff, Bangladesh Army - Vice Chairman
Chief of Naval Staff, Bangladesh Navy - Vice Chairman
Chief of Air Staff, Bangladesh Air Force - Vice Chairman

Principal Staff Officer, Armed Forces Division; Secretary, MOD; VC, BUP; Engineer in Chief, AHQ; Commandant, MIST; Professor, DU; Professor, BUET; Commandant, Bangladesh Military Academy; Commandant, Bangladesh Naval Academy; Commandant, Bangladesh Air Force Academy; Additional Secretary (University), Ministry of Education; Additional Secretary, Ministry of Finance; Additional Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology; Dean, Faculty of CE; Dean, Faculty of ECE; Dean, Faculty of ME; Dean, Faculty of Science & Engg of MIST - Members

Colonel Staff, MIST - Secretary

Governing Body of MIST

Commandant, MIST and Engineer in Chief, AHQ - Chairman (who ever is the senior)

Professor, DU; Professor, BUET; Additional Secretary (University), Ministry of Education; Additional Secretary, MOD; Additional Secretary, Ministry of Finance; Register, BUP; Director General of Training Directorate, AFD; Director, Military Training Directorate, AHQ; Director Naval Training, NHQ; Director Air Training, Air HQ; Joint Secretary, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology; Dean, Bangladesh Military Academy; Dean, Bangladesh Naval Academy; Dean, Bangladesh Air Force Academy; Director Research & Development; Director Admin; Dean, Faculty of CE; Dean, Faculty of ECE; Dean, Faculty of ME; Dean, Faculty of Science & Engg of MIST - Members

Colonel Staff, MIST - Secretary

Academic Council of MIST

Commandant, MIST - Chairman

Professor, DU; Professor, BUET; Additional Secretary, Ministry of Education; Additional Secretary, MOD; College Inspector, BUP; Dean, Faculty of CE; Dean, Faculty of ECE; Dean, Faculty of ME; Dean, Faculty of Science & Engg; Director Research & Development; Exam Controller; Director Student Welfare; Colonel Staff; Professor Faculty of CE; Professor Faculty of ECE; Heads of CE Dept, CSE Dept, EECE Dept, ME Dept, AE Dept, NAME Dept, Arch Dept, EWCE Dept, NSE Dept, BME Dept, PME Dept, IPE Dept and Science & Humanities Dept of MIST; Dean (Engineering Faculty), BMA; Dean (Engineering Faculty), BNA; Dean (Engineering Faculty), BAFA; Representative of Training Directorate, AFD; Representative of Military Training Directorate, AHQ; Representative of Naval Training Directorate, NHQ; Representative of Air Training Directorate, Air HQ - Members

General Staff Officer 1 (Academic), MIST - Member Secretary