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Sanitizer Refill Station Project

Sanitizer Refill Station Project


Filling liquid is always an intricate task. The precise amount must be ensured for every bottle. A liquid filling machine can solve most of the difficulties posed by manual filling stations. In MIST, the Sanitizer Production is not at a scale to require an industrial filling machine. To solve this issue, this machine is developed.


The objective of this project was to design a small-size Refill Station. The following specific aims were to be fulfilled:

  • To design a chamber powered by the power outlet.
  • To fill bottles according to volumetric requirements.
  • To design a control system for automatic operation with necessary acknowledgments.

Project Description:

The goal of the Sanitizer Refill Station project is to develop a liquid filling machine for filling sanitizer affordably. The station can automatically detect the bottle, and then fill it with the selected amount of liquid. The station is also overload protected to prevent bottles from overflowing. It allows the opportunity to increase daily production of hand sanitizers with minimal manpower.