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UV Disinfection Chamber Project

UV Disinfection Chamber Project


All kinds of objects and devices cannot be disinfected in the same manner. Common methods of disinfection involving the use of detergent or alcohol-based solutions are not suitable for materials such as foods, vegetables, electronic devices, etc. The UV (Ultra-Violet) C-type light ray is designed to kill viruses and bacteria, without the need for any chemicals to come in contact with the materials.


The objective of this project was to design a tabletop UV chamber. The following specific aims were to be fulfilled:

  1. To design a chamber powered by the power outlet.
  2. To destroy all germs using UV C-type rays.
  3. To design a control system for automatic operation with necessary acknowledgments.

Project Description:

The goal of the UV Chamber project is to develop a disinfection chamber for the disinfection of portable items such as a soldier’s cap, money bag, mobile phone, etc. The chamber is suitable for daily use on everyday objects, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic situation.