Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Shah Md. Ahasan Siddique, CSCA™, CSWA

Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)


Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Ongoing)
Military Institute of Science and Technology
April 2022 - April 2024

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Military Institute of Science and Technology
February 2018 - April 2022


Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA)
under the International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA), the USA with 95% marks. [Ref]

Certified SolidWorks Associates (CSWA)
Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corp. [Ref]


Member, The American Society Of Mechanical Engineers - ASME,  Member No: 000103774157


  • Automotive Engineering
  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
  • Robotics & Control System
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


  • ME 495: Mechatronics Theory
  • ME 447: Robotics Theory
  • ME 422: Fluid Machinery Sessional
  • ME 402: Heat Engine Sessional
  • ME 468: Automobile Engineering Sessional
  • ME 376: Control Engineering Sessional
  • ME 368: Engineering Simulation Sessional - Ansys
  • NE 252: Nuclear Materials Sessional
  • ME 260: Mechanical Engineering Drawing - Solidworks
  • ME 272: Fluid Mechanics Sessional
  • ME 176: Machine Shop Sessional
  • ME 172: Machine Shop Practice
  • ME 180: Engineering Drawing & CAD


01. Maximum Chamber Pressure Test for 82mm Mortar Gun for Bangladesh Ordnance Factories.

02. Stage Inspection of 4 (four) no(s) crawler-mounted hydraulic drilling rigs and accessories under the Emergency Assistance Project for Water Supply & and Simulation at Ukhia and Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar district. [Ref]

03. Stage Inspection Report of Weed Harvester BERKY 6925 for LGED. [Ref][Ref]

04. Planning For Artillery Gun Repair And Retention Of Operational Fitness In The Future. [Ref]


01. Project Title: Design, Development, and Fabrication of a Ceiling Mounted SCARA Robotic Arm for Construction (Concrete) 3D Printing. [Ref]
Student Name: Md. Ridwanul Islam , Nazmul Hasan Fahim & Tasfia Fairuz Nuha. | ME Dept | Date of Defense: 02 March 2023 at MIST

02. Project Title: Design, Development, and Fabrication of a four-wheel electric steering mechanism. [Ref]
Student Name: Md Abu Hanif, Shakik Ahnaf & Md Rahianor Tahsin. | ME Dept | Date of Defense: 02 March 2023 at MIST

03. Project Title: Design and fabrication of a model surface-to-surface missile with a motion control system run by solid propellant. [Ref]
Student Name: Captain Imrul Kayer Aru. | ME Dept | Date of Defense: 06 March 2024 at MIST

04. Project Title: Design and Construction of an economical underwater ROV for surveying the underwater portion of ship Hull and Shallow waterways. [Ref] [Ref]
Student Name: Newaz Sharif & Emam Hossain. | NAME Dept | Date of Defense: 29 Feb 2024 at MIST


           01. Design & Fabrication of Portable PV-Based Solar Energy Systems for Military Camps. [Ref]

           02. Design and development of a controlling unit and gripping claw for BSJX1 ROV. [Ref]

IE&I & MIST Project:

           01. MIST X1: ROV for Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) Operation for Bangladesh Army. [Ref]


Fire Fighting UAV (Undergraduate - Integrated Development Project)
An Unmanned aerial vehicle - firefighting drone with base ground station fire extinguisher fluid supply for firefighting above 70m-120m height. 

UVC-PURGE: A Semi-Autonomous Virus Disinfection Robot [Ref] [Ref]
To fight against COVID-19 Pandemic, This robot has been equipped with six T5 UVC (254 nm) lamps to effectively destroy the SARS-CoV-2 virus (coronavirus) in a standard 12′ x 16′ room with a disinfection time of 2-3 minutes. The Robot provides real-time camera feedback for better navigation. While disinfecting this semi-autonomous robot is capable enough to avoid any obstacles in that room. UVC- PURGE is very user-friendly and can be controlled by a mobile app or computer platform with a 1600 square feet coverage area and provides a battery backup of 2 hours. It applies to any indoor environment such as an Empty COVID patient ward, Empty ICU, Operation Theatre, Office room, Classroom, Corridor, Personal Apartment, etc. At a market price of less than 800$ UVC-PURGE is extremely cost-effective than similar types of disinfection robots worldwide. It was recognized in the Medical Robotics Challenge for Contagious Disease 2020 organized by the UK Robotics & Automation Society (UK-RAS) Network as UVC-PURGE-MIST (Bangladesh) snatched the Championship in Application criteria in parallel with John Hopkins University (USA) in Innovation and Leeds University (UK) in Design. The team received £5,000 as prize money and a grant for their research. 

University Rover Challenge 2021: MIST Mongol Barota (Phoenix) [Ref]
PHOENIX was systematically built to achieve all the missions given by URC 2021. With an outstanding score of 92.78% in the System Acceptance Review (SAR), MIST Mongol Barota was selected for the URC 2021 Final while the qualification benchmark was 77.7%. Following the success of the System Acceptance Review, team MIST Mongol Barota has topped among all the teams of the University Rover Challenge (URC) Virtual Final 2021 with a total score of 180 by attaining a perfect score (100) in Equipment Servicing Mission and 2nd Highest Score(80) in Extreme Retrieval and Delivery Mission.

Automated Coordinate Measurement Robot: Undergraduate thesis 2021 [Ref]
A robotic system is designed and fabricated for automated 3D reconstruction of objects by contact digitization. An electromechanical probe with a four-degree-of-freedom robotic arm is used to measure an object's multiple surface coordinates for digitization.

Anatolian Rover Challenge 2022: MIST Mongol Barota (Phoenix v2.0) [Ref]

Anatolian Rover Challenge 2023: MIST Mongol Barota (Phoenix v3.0) [Ref]


  1. Champion (Application) in Medical Robotics Challenge for Contagious Disease 2020 organized by UK-RAS for UVC-PURGE: A Semi-autonomous Virus Disinfection Robot. [Ref] [Ref]
  2. Champion Team “MIST Mongol Barota”, University Rover Challenge 2021 organized by The Mars Society, USA. Vice Team Leader and Mechanical Sub-System Leader of the Project. [Ref] [Ref]
  3. 2nd runners-up “MIST Mongol Barota”, Anatolian Rover Challenge 2022 organized by the Space Exploration Society (UKET), Turkey. Faculty Adviser of the Project. [Ref] [Ref] [Ref]
  1. MIST Dean’s List Honors 2021
  2. Awarded 60% Scholarship in PTAK 2021 for completing CSCA certification, Organized by ISCEA.
  3. Recognition of the Achievement 'MIST Silver Medal' of the MIST Robo Warriors team. [Ref]
  4. Champion of  'Clash of Robots Competition at NDiTC International 2019'. [Ref]
  5. Champion of the “Robo War” segment of “International Telco Warfare 2019” [Ref]
  6. Runners-up of Robo War 2018, A2i Innovation Lab, ICT Division, Bangladesh. [Ref]
  7. Champion at Robot Fight, MIST Robo Fest 2018, Military Institute of Science & Technology.



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  1. S. M. A. Siddique, S. T. Shahid, and H. K. Bhuiyan.“A Robotic Arm for Pick-and-Place Operation: An Experimental Study” presented & awarded as the “Overall BEST Conference paper of ICMEAS 2022” at the International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Applied Sciences (ICMEAS-2022[Ref]

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