Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Anik Sarker

Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)


Masters of Technology in Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Engineering)
National Institute of Technology Silchar, Assam, India
June 2021.

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering
National Institute of Technology Silchar, Assam, India
June 2018.


  • ME 247 Engineering Mechanics -II
  • ME 245 Engineering Mechanics -I
  • ME 194 Engineering Materials Sessional
  • AEAS 326 Computational Fluid Dynamics Sessional
  • ME 468 Automobile Engineering Sessional
  • ME 352 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Sessional
  • ME 306 Heat Transfer Sessional


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • ElectroHydrodynamics
  • Wettability-mediated dynamics
  • Droplet dynamics
  • Multiphase Flow
  • Droplet-based Microfluidics


  • Lecturer (September 2021 to date), Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Military Institute of Science and Technology
  • Trainer at hands-on tutorial on OpenFOAM "AICTE Sponsored Fundamentals and Application of CFD in Fluid Thermal Systems" NIT Silchar", 14th March, 2021
  • Assistant Engineer at “Jamuna Tyre and Rubber Industries Ltd.”, August 2018 to March 2019


Personal Website-Anik Sarker


International Journal:

  1. Boruah, M.P., Sarker, A., Randive, P.R., Pati, S. and Chakraborty, S., "Wettability-mediated dynamics of two-phase flow in microfluidic T-junction" (Physics of Fluids, 2018)

  2. Sarker, A., Boruah, M.P., Randive, P.R. and Pati, S., “The role of compound droplet size on the transition from jetting to bubble entrapment during its impact on liquid” (Physics of Fluids, 2021)

  3. Boruah,M.P.,Sarker, A.,Randive,P.R.,Pati,S.,and Sahu,k.,"Tuning of regimes during two-phase flow
    through a cross-junction" (Physics of Fluids, 2021).

Conference proceedings and presentation:

  1. Sarker, A., Boruah, M. P., Randive, P. R., Pati, S., "Effect of Capillarity- Viscosity Interaction on Coalescence of Droplets in a Confined Channel (7th International and 45th National Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India, December 10-12, 2018)

  2. Majumder, R., Sarker, A., Borraz, L. and Karim, M.R., “Numerical investigation on the microfluidic droplet coalescence under the influence of capillary-wettability interaction”, (8th International OpenFOAM Conference, 2020)

  3. Anik Sarker, Shaharear Md Emtiaz and Ashmita Roy Medha, “Numerical investigation of droplet impact on liquid pool under dc electric field using openfoam”, ICMERE-2021