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Industrial Training (2023) of NSE - 06

Industrial Training (2023) of NSE - 06

For students who are studying nuclear science and engineering, industrial training is a highly effective way to become intimately acquainted with nuclear facilities and acquire knowledge and hands-on experience that will assist them advance in their careers. This year, Level 3 students of NSE received training from Center for Research Reactor, AERE, Savar where they learned ins and out of BAEC TRIGA research reactor and experimented the control rod worth of the reseach reactor. Later they had a practial knowledge on Non-Destructive Testing from the Non Destructive Testing Division of Atomic Energy Center, Dhaka. The have also visited Nuclear Medicine center of Combined Military Hospital, Dhaka cantonment to acquire invaluabe knowledge of applying nuclear technology in medical facilities. They had a day long visit at Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, country's first Nuclear Power Plant and Siddhirganj 335MW CCPP, Haripur 412MW CCPP to be equiped with the knowledge of energy production and energy transmission system.


1. Students at Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant


2. Students at Haripur 412MW Combined Cycle Power Plant

3. Students at Siddhirganj 335MW Combined Cycle Power Plant


4. Students at the Control room of Siddhirganj 335MW CCPP

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