Office of The Commandant

Maj Gen Mohammed Saidul Islam, rcds, ndc, psc

Office of the Commandant is the apex body of the MIST organ. Commandant being the Chief Executive of MIST, is the Head of the Office. A senior military officer of the rank of Major General from Bangladesh Army holds the appointment of Commandant which is equivalent to a VC of a university. All functions of MIST are governed by this office. PS to Commandant is the personal staff officer of the Commandant who basically carries out all coordination and liaison for the Commandant.

Previous Commandants

Brig Gen Md Mofizur Rahman, psc
(24-6-99 to 7-11-99)


Maj Gen Abdul Wadud, ndu, psc (Lt Gen)
(03-2-06 to 27-7-09 & 27-3-00 to 15-2-01)


Maj Gen Abdul Hafiz Mallik, psc
(25-2-01 to 23-7-03)


Maj Gen Ismail Faruque Chowdhury
(19-12-04 to 02-2-06)

Maj Gen Mohd Habibur Rahman Khan, BSP, ndc, psc (Lt Gen)
(08-9-10 to 21-7-11)


Maj Gen Hameed-Al-Hasan, ndc

(25-7-11 to 19-7-12)


Maj Gen Abul Hossain, BSP, BGBM, ndc, psc, PEng (Lt Gen)

(12-9-12 to 01-8-13)


Maj Gen Md Siddiqur Rahman Sarker, SGP, hdmc, psc

(01-8-13 to 28-9-15)

Maj Gen Md Abdul Quadir

(29-9-15 to 30-5-16)


Maj Gen Md Abul Khair, ndc, PEng
(10-10-16 to 13-1-19)


Maj Gen Md Wahid-Uz-Zaman, BSP, ndc, aowc, psc, te
(13-7-2019 to 9-1-23)